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Home Staging Do’s and Don’ts.

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Home Staging

If you’re planning to sell your home, staging is a vital part of the process. You want each person that walks through to be able to picture themselves living in your home. You want them to love it and feel comfortable within. It is now a product and you want it to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Staging truly makes all the difference, so as real estate agents, we wanted to share some Home Staging Do’s and Don’ts and help you as much as possible as you’re moving toward selling your home.

staged bedroom home staging dos and donts

DO’s of Home Staging:

Do remove family photos and replace with attractive artwork or mirrors. You want buyers to picture themselves living there, not you.

Do de-clutter and pack away anything you don’t need. Less is more.

Do add flowers and greenery, but just a few pieces here and there.

Do apply fresh paint. Neatly! If you need to, hire someone to do it.

Do add colorful accents here and there but paint over bright and bold wall colors with something more neutral.

Do clean windows. Clean vents. Clean baseboards. Clean ceiling fans. Clean EVERYTHING. Look high and low and make everything sparkly clean.

Do improve curb appeal. Make a great first impression when buyers drive up to the home.

dos and donts of home staging - remove family photos


DO NOT’s of Home Staging:

Do not assume the house will sell itself, do some work and it will pay off.

Do not leave broken screens or dirty windows as they are, these are quick inexpensive fixes that should be done before showing.

Do not leave marked up or peeling paint anywhere. Fresh, clean paint makes a huge difference.

Do not leave withering plants anywhere in the home. Only have plants in the home if they are healthy and vibrant.

Do not leave clutter throughout the house. Storage units are a great place to keep your things, or if nothing else, at least pack it and neatly stack the boxes in the garage.

Do not leave family photos throughout the home. You want the potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home, not you.

Do not buy all new furniture, but make what furniture you do have look its best.

Do not take it personally. Buyers will share remarks and opinions, but view your home as a product and try to emotionally detach.

home staging tips staging dos and donts


We hope this information was helpful to you. If we can help you in any way to sell your home, or buy a new one in Northwest Indiana, please contact us! 

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