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20 DIY Projects to Increase Curb Appeal

We have some great tips for sellers today! The first impression of a home makes a huge impact on potential buyers. For that reason, increasing the curb appeal of your home is a very important step you should consider before listing your home for sale. Here are 20 DIY projects to increase curb appeal on your home that don’t cost thousands of dollars and can be done over a weekend or two. 

green grass is important for curb appeal


Do all you can to make your lawn look healthy and fresh. A nice mowing job in spring and summer months makes the home look even neater!  Add fresh mulch and trim any overgrown bushes or trees.

makeover mailbox


Clean up dead leaves, clear out overgrown plants, and mulch the flower beds. Don’t forget the area around your mailbox. Update your mailbox with a fresh staining or paint job and an undamaged box.  


Plants or flowers make a huge impact. Add potted plants, window boxes, or other types of flowers to your porch or 


Painting your garage doors with a contrasting color that has a bit of sheen adds a whole different level on interest to your home. 

add lighting to porch for curb appeal


Upgrade your exterior house light fixtures to make a huge impact on the front of your home. 


Consider up-lighting to highlight the home during the darker hours. It makes a home look grand and beautiful. 


Makeover your front door by painting it or re-staining a wooden door. This is the main thing everyone will see and a bright, freshly finished door makes a huge impact!

seating area for curb appeal


Paint or re-stain your wooden front porch. This will give it a much needed clean and fresh look, making it the perfect greeting for your potential buyers.


Paint metal railings to protect them and give them a clean, new look.


Build up with wood and trim to take porch posts from simple and skinny to decorative and beautiful. 


Clean both the inside and outside of gutters. While this seems like a small detail, it is something that adds more shine and freshness to the overall look. Dirty gutters are noticeable, clean ones are not. 


Add or paint the shutters on your window to create a modern, fresh, homey feel to the exterior of your home.

new entrance rug for curb appeal


Add a new front mat to welcome your potential home buyers or neighbors. It’s a cute addition, plus gives them a place to wipe their feet before showings.

House number modernized


Update your house numbers to a more modern sleek style. Make sure they are visible from the street and easy to read.

repair driveway and chipped paint and garage door


Use a power washer to clean your driveway, front porch, siding, or walkways. Power washers can be rented if you don’t own one.

seal deck and fencing


Finish small repairs: ripped screens, burned out bulbs, chipped paint. driveway cracks, mend fences or gates, garage door issues,


Give your home a quick facelift by changing red brick to much lighter white using a limewash finish. 

add seating to front porch


Create a seating area for home buyers to enjoy as they observe your home. Just don’t use too much outdoor furniture and make the space feel too busy and small. 


When decorating, use symmetry and balance to create the most appealing look for your potential buyers and neighbors. 


Use lattice or some other fencing or boards to hide your trash cans from view. There is nothing more unattractive than seeing garbage cans when you drive up to the home.

We hope you like these 20 ways you can increase your home’s curb appeal before selling (or even if you’re not selling yet!) Have any other ideas? Let us know! 

Remember, if you live in Northwest Indiana, give us a call for a free home analysis and marketing plan for selling your home! 

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